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New Capital Wing website is up and running

It’s Here!

The all-new 21st-Century website for the Capital Wing is up and running! Check it out at https://capitalwing.org/ and poke around. Although the site is still a work in progress, it’s fully functional with all of the key elements in place.

  • Member registration and listing
  • Calendar and events sign up
  • General Staff listing
  • New Member application

To take full advantage of the website as a Capital Wing member, and in order to sign up for events (you do want to do that, don’t you?) you must first register on the website. If you’re not already registered:

  • Click on “Membership Area” at the top left of the home page
  • Click on “Register”
  • Fill out the required information
  • Click on “Register” at the bottom of the page
  • You’ll be approved if you are, in fact, a member of the Capital Wing

Once you are Registered, please sign up to support future events using the website. Click on the Calendar, click on the event and Register to support that event. Note that assignments to fly to/from the event in any of our aircraft, or to drive the PX to/from the event, are made by the Operations Officer.

Kudos to members Cliff Davis and Alex Thomas for putting our new website together. They’ll be adding more pieces to the website over the coming weeks and months.

Story credit: Capital Wing Newsletter; https://capitalwing.org/

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