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October is General Aviation Appreciation Month in Virginia: celebrate by stopping by a small airport and watching the planes, take a tour of an air museum or attend an aviation event.

The Shannon Air Museum is now open to the public. Monday – Saturday 10am – 3pm, by appointment only. Call (540)642-4387. Explore one of the rarest collections of vintage aircraft in the world. See our new displays and peruse the great Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame wall filled with pictures of the Virginians who have led the way in aviation and aerospace.

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About The Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

The idea for the society was fostered by Morton W. Lester, a well-known Virginia aviation enthusiast from Martinsville, who saw the need to preserve and display rapidly disappearing aviation artifacts in Virginia.

Lester soon found other Virginians who shared his vision to establish a Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society. On Nov. 30, 1977, that vision became a reality when the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society was launched by a group of interested Virginia citizens.

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The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame was created to commemorate and preserve outstanding aviation contributions made in Virginia or by Virginians. Each year, the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society Board of Directors selects one or more individuals for recognition and induction into the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

VAHS Aviation Hall of Fame Fredericksburg, Va
VAHS Aviation Hall of Fame Fredericksburg, Va


A 9-ship formation of Stearmans flew over Fauqiuer, VA, hospital on May 15, 2020 to honor our medical workers. The Flying Circus and the Mid-Atlantic Stearman Association combined forces to fly two passes–one in a large “V” and the other as an arrow while another plane drew a large heart in the sky with its smoke.

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The VAHS is committed to preserving aviation history and educating the general public of the many contributions Virginia has made and is making to the development of aviation and aerospace.



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Donate Now: Our Fundraising Goal for 2020 is $35,000

The 2020 Annual Fund Campaign is under way and we want to give special recognition to those who have already started to help us reach this year’s goal of $35,000. Every dollar is appreciated!

Help the VAHS in preserving Virginia’s Aviation History to inspire and capture the imagination by connecting people with the story of air and space in Virginia. The annual fund donation provides an opportunity to give special recognition in the “Virginia Eagles” newsletter for those gifts of $100 or more. Corporate matching gifts count toward your total annual contribution.

Special thanks to these folks who donated over $100: Bud Oakey, Charles Williams, Jr., Chuck and Vicki Tippett, Luke and Kim Curtas, Frank Hargrove, Andy Ozols, Lanier Frantz, Henry & Mary Warden, Gen. Jack Dailey, Don Serio, Van and Lynn Crosby, Evelyn Marshall, Lanier Frantz, Morton Thalhimer, Ray & Martha Gill, Floyd & Shirley Callihan, Ray Tyson, Nancy Miller, Morton C. Mumma III, Buz Carpenter, Ted Dupuy and Morton G. Thalhimer, Jr., Norm Crabill, Evelyn Marshall, Libby Haynes, Jan Orgain, Frank & Maggie Wickersham, David Hahn, Mark Sternheimer, Judge William Shelton, Larry Waltrip, Hubert and Lu Compton, Van Crosby, USI Corporation, Tom and Lily Grace Hudson, William Mawyer, Dynamic Aviation Group, Dutch Rauch, Charles Williams, Jr., Charles Williams III, Gloria Champine, Earl Andrews, Felicia Glave, Ed Dinwiddie, Ira Grinnan Jr., Richard Repp

A few easy ways YOU can help promote the VAHS:

1) Suggest to your local newspaper that the VAHS can be profiled in a short article, including information on how to join the Society. All of the VAHS office contact information is located inside the front cover of this newsletter; all you have to do is pass that information along.

2) If you have a special aviation event coming up—let us know. The VAHS has attractive new materials and light-weight display banners that are easy-to-transport and set up, along with our free Hall of Fame DVD’s that are more popular than candy! Simply contact the VAHS Office Manager, Sue Baker, to give the date of your event and check on availability of the VAHS materials and display, (540) 376-3265 or

3) Gift Memberships–The VAHS is eager to reach new members to enhance and sustain our aviation history audience—our life-blood. Give a friend or student a gift membership today!

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