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Gone West

2008 VAHS Hall of Famer Norman Crabhill

On May 14, 2024, Norman Crabill completed his mission here on this planet. From initial entry into earth’s atmosphere in 1926, in a row house in DC, he soared: from designing model airplanes, on wings of song in Jr High Choral events, to lifelong friendships sailing the Potomac, to first flights in small aircraft, to love leading to marriage, to work at NACA/NASA which had him designing rockets and planning missions to the moon with Lunar Orbiter and to Mars with Viking, to getting his pilot’s license, to learning to play and improvise on the piano, to lightning research that influenced the design of modern-day aircraft, to interacting with adopted god-children – music and swimming lessons, museum visits – to his own inventions to improve a private pilots experience while in the air, and to mentoring young people and inspiring those with whom he spent time.

There will be a Celebration of Life locally on July 20, 2024—a day that commemorates when Viking 1 first landed on Mars, and as National Moon Day, also celebrates Lunar Orbiter, which mapped the moon and landing sites for Apollo.

Thank you to The Daily Press and VAHS member, Nancy Miller.

About The Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

The idea for the society was fostered by Morton W. Lester, a well-known Virginia aviation enthusiast from Martinsville, who saw the need to preserve and display rapidly disappearing aviation artifacts in Virginia.

Lester soon found other Virginians who shared his vision to establish a Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society. On Nov. 30, 1977, that vision became a reality when the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society was launched by a group of interested Virginia citizens.


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The VAHS is committed to preserving aviation history and educating the general public of the many contributions Virginia has made and is making to the development of aviation and aerospace.


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The Fredericksburg Chapter of the Virginia Historical Societycordially invites you to attendSaturday, June 1, 202410:00 a.m. – noonSTAFFORD REGIONAL AIRPORT (KRMN)95 Aviation Way, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406Chapter leader and Past Shannon Air Museum Curator, Don Serio will speak briefly about VAHS Board nominations and hand out ballots.Guest speaker – Lt. Col. Richard (Dick) Genaille, (USAF Ret’d). Past docent at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Dulles Annex for three years and the Shannon Air Museum in Fredericksburg, VA for two years. Dick will give an introduction and overview of his popular series “Firsts in Flight Along the Potomac” and follow with a presentation on Samuel Langley and his Aerodrome, adding important context to our last meeting's preview demonstration and exhibition by the Langley Flight Foundation of the replica of the Langley Aerodrome No. 5.Bring a guest. sign up a new member or renew your dues and claim a Prize White hat!Casual attire Coffee and treats providedQuestions? vahsonline@gmail.comOr call Sue Baker 540-376-3265 ... See MoreSee Less
If you haven't had a chance to read the VAHS Eagle newsletter Spring, 2024, stop and do so. It is a super edition.Members received in their e-mail on Thursday. You can also read it on our website: virginiaaviationhistory.comHard copies $5.00.MYSTERY PLANE SOLVED! Congratulations to Tom Woodburn (Glen Allen) past Chairman of the Board. His guess was: "Aeronca 7FC "Tri-Traveller", the nose wheel equipped version of the 90 HP Aeronca EC "Traveller"."He also noticed the photo image was reversed. The handsome young student in the picture is VAHS Board Secretary and Sustaining member, Gary Allen.Want to be the first to get the quarterly newsletter? Join the VAHS.Call our office and join up! 540-376-3265, ... See MoreSee Less

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame was created to commemorate and preserve outstanding aviation contributions made in Virginia or by Virginians. Each year, the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society Board of Directors selects one or more individuals for recognition and induction into the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

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