Our mission is to inspire and capture the imagination by connecting people with the story of air and space in Virginia.



Come see the latest addition to the Shannon Air Museum fleet: The "Stars and Stripes" DC3



The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame was created to commemorate and preserve outstanding aviation contributions made in Virginia or by Virginians.



On display, one of the rarest collections of aircraft in the world. The museum has the only Vultee V1A, in the world, as well as many other artifacts.


Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

Our mission is to inspire and capture the imagination by connecting people with the story of air and space in Virginia. The Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society is a non-profit 501 [c] [3] corporation governed by a Board of Directors, and is permanently headquartered in the Virginia Aviation Museum at the Shannon Airport, 3380 Shannon Airport Circle, Fredericksburg, VA 22408.

Aviation News

Dinwiddie Wings and Wheels

August 14

Wings & Wheels is a single-day event that will bring together the love of classic automobiles, music, food and aviation. The event is family friendly community event that invites residents and visitors to enjoy a fun day at the Dinwiddie Airport. This is a non-alcoholic beverage event, but food and drink is available from our local vendors.

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  • FAA 2021 Summer Aviation Safety Series

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  • Hidden Figures and Human Computers

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About The Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

The idea for the society was fostered by Morton W. Lester, a well-known Virginia aviation enthusiast from Martinsville, who saw the need to preserve and display rapidly disappearing aviation artifacts in Virginia.

Lester soon found other Virginians who shared his vision to establish a Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society. On Nov. 30, 1977, that vision became a reality when the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society was launched by a group of interested Virginia citizens.


The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame was created to commemorate and preserve outstanding aviation contributions made in Virginia or by Virginians. Each year, the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society Board of Directors selects one or more individuals for recognition and induction into the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

VAHS Aviation Hall of Fame Fredericksburg, Va


SR-71 Cockpit Checkout
Richard Graham was nice enough to give us a cockpit checkout in both the pilot and RSO stations. We shot this on location at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field Dallas Texas. This simulator was used to train every operational SR pilot before they ever set foot in the actual plane. (A correction in the video, Rich said the navigation map was from a 16mm film, he meant 35mm.) Video credit: Erik Johnston

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The VAHS is committed to preserving aviation history and educating the general public of the many contributions Virginia has made and is making to the development of aviation and aerospace.



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