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Volunteers Needed Women Can Fly Warrenton

Women Can Fly
June 04 2022
Warrenton-Fauquier Airport 

Well, we are two weeks away from the Women Can Fly event. Sarah Patten puts on a great event for the young ladies of all ages, but not without a lot of help. Sarah is trying to finalize some numbers and volunteer assignments for the event, and I know there may still be some people out there that have plans to help but haven’t mentioned it to Sarah or registered through the website yet. You can either email Sarah directly (sarah.patten@gmail.com) or you can register on the website:

here to be a volunteer pilot: https://www.womencanfly.com/events/62/warrenton-pilots/ …here to be a ground volunteer: https://www.womencanfly.com/events/67/warrenton-volunteer/

Other than the obvious, so she knows how many are going to help out and get you assigned appropriately, she also needs to know how much food to order. We still need volunteers not only for the flight line duties of getting the young ladies to and from the planes , but also we could especially use some volunteers to help with car parking and Women Can Build. How about you home builders thinking about that. This is just like at OSH except on a smaller scale…hands on making of a small item riveting and such. How cool is that!! Remember, the more folks helping out the easier it is on everyone. Stop thinking about it and commit…please?

As of this morning, we’re up to 173 participant registrations…I’m guessing the turnout (assuming the weather cooperates) will likely be about what we had in 2019! 225+ girls.

Sarah sends…Thanks you for your support.

Dave Darrah


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