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When a runway incursion stemming from a pilot error occurs, it is a rare event, but it draws scrutiny from the FAA. According to FAA officials, more than 75% of runway incursions related to pilot actions involve GA aircraft.

That led the FAA to find multiple ways to reach general aviation pilots, including safety summits, advanced surface radar, clear signage, and new videos.

“We need to reduce risk in the system by raising the awareness of general aviation pilots and provide them more understanding of local runway and taxiway configurations,” explains Glen Martin, FAA Vice President of Safety and Technical Training.

This is the premise behind the expanding From the Flight Deck runway safety video initiative. The FAA has produced a series of short videos — four to five minutes long — of actual approach, landing, and runway taxi scenarios at small and medium-size airports using Go-Pro cameras in a Cessna to create the GA pilot viewpoint.

Graphics, animation, and runway diagrams have been added, along with a voice-over, to fully describe and educate about runway and intersection “hot spots” at specific airports across the United States.

“With these videos, knowledge and training is designed from the cockpit perspective, allowing pilots to visualize the approach and layout to an airport before they actually arrive,” Martin adds. “This experience will improve their decision-making and reduce errors and accidents.”

So far, more than three dozen videos have been developed and released free to the public, which highlight runways and intersections at 33 different U.S. airports. General videos also have been created for GA operations that focus on wrong airport landings, wrong surface landings, winter weather, wrong direction departures, and hold short procedures. The video series has garnered more than 170,000 views since its inception, according to FAA officials.

The FAA plans to create and release videos for 30 to 40 more airports during the next two years. Additional goals include linking every video to its corresponding airport website and for general aviation trade associations to help build awareness and distribution of these safety videos through their own social media sites.

“These are invaluable safety tools for general aviation pilots and for airports with general aviation operations,” adds Martin. “Getting the right information to the pilot will help make us safer.”

Watch the latest video From the Flight Deck.

Story credit: https://doav.virginia.gov/calendar-and-news/news/2021-march/video-series-educates-pilots-about-airport-runways/

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