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VAHS NNMP Members – April 15th Meeting Is Canceled

VAHS NNMP Members,

The monthly luncheon for our Chapter this week, April 15th, is canceled. We all know of the restrictions we must follow to preclude becoming infected with the virus that continues to be a threat to any gatherings, so we will not hold our monthly meetings until further notice. Please also remember that this may last for many more weeks, or months. I will send updates each month regarding our meetings.

This month I have attached (see below) an informational letter from Nancy Miller, our NN-MP VAHS Chapter Programs Coordinator and VAHS Board Member. It includes a variety of interesting aeronautical information particular to our geographical area.

The letter highlights the story of “Wrong Way” Corrigan and his Curtiss Robin

I hope to see you all soon. Please be careful, wear a mask, and follow the distancing guidance.


Greetings to the VAHS NN-MP Chapter E-list!

Last month, as I penned my note to you, St. Patrick’s Day put me in mind of my favorite Irish American things and stories. As in years past, I thought about the Curtiss Robin, a beautiful little airplane in the Shannon Aviation Museum at Shannon Airport, in Fredericksburg. Why? Because it is the same type aircraft as one that was once rescued from a trash heap, destined to capture the hearts and imagination of Americans in 1938.

Born in Galveston, Texas, in 1907 at the dawn of the age of flight, Douglas Corrigan grew up to serve among the mechanics who worked on Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. In 1938, Corrigan bought a 1929 Curtiss Robin aircraft off a trash heap, rebuilt it, and modified it for long-distance flight.

After a long distance flight from California to New York, Corrigan failed to secure approval for a trans-Atlantic flight and thus he filed a flight plan to return west to California. Citing dense cloud cover and low light conditions he accounted for an “error” that resulted in his east-bound flight that terminated in Dublin, Ireland! The short-term suspension of his flight credentials coincided with the length of the trip for his aircraft to return home aboard a ship. Upon his return to New York he received a hero’s welcome from a nation that recognized his outsized imagination and creativity, although he never publicly admitted to having flown to Ireland intentionally.

The headlines (printed 3 inches high and backwards on the front page of the New York Post!) and the ticker-tape parade that rivaled Lindbergh’s welcome back were a testament to the appreciation of an America that celebrated innovation and the underdog. And the nickname “Wrong Way” Corrigan went down in history!

(To learn more about the story of “Wrong Way” Corrigan and his Curtiss Robin, click on the links provided here. (https://en.wikipedia.org) (https://www.history.com)

Please continue to stay tuned for announcements from the VAHS, and stay safe.

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Nancy Miller, VAHS Board and NN-MP Chapter Member


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