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The Commemorative Air Force is coming to your town

The CAF is expanding to your town. Take advantage of this new program and land a premium warbird in your community.

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is looking for history buffs, warbird fans, pilots, and mechanics to create a local membership Unit in your town. As part of this new Unit, a PT-19 Cornell, a World War II-era primary trainer aircraft, is available for assignment to your Unit at your local airport.

This year the CAF will create 3 new Units across the U.S. Several cities have been selected as possible locations due to lots of local interest. To help make this possible, we reserved a few premium aircraft to assign to the new Units to help them grow and prosper. By forming a new CAF Unit in your town, the members will enjoy a number of great benefits including the opportunity to:

  • Fly and maintain an authentic WWII aircraft.
  • Join a community of people with common interests.
  • Network with other CAF Units and members across the U.S.
  • Participate in local flying and social activities.
  • Connect with veterans who have served our country.
  • Preserve military aviation heritage.
  • Help educate and inspire the next generation.

Story credit: Commemorative Air Force (CAF),  https://www.commemorativeairforce.org/pages/newunit

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