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Today’s Texan is the T-6G

Today’s Texan is the T-6G

Texan Tuesday

Today’s Texan is the T-6G. The G variant was a post-WWII modernization of the T-6 series for the Air Force. All Gs were remanufactured from earlier T-6s and SNJs. Gs differed from earlier Texans by changes in some access panels, 140 US gallon fuel capacity versus 110 US gallons, more modern radios, full instrumentation in the rear cockpit and no armarment.

In my photo is a T-6G in the USAF’s Training Command yellow color. It was photographed during a flour bombing competition at Culpeper Airport.

“Hold Her Steady”
T-6G Texan “Spanish Lady” on her flour bombing run.

Story & Photo Credit: https://www.flyby.photography/culpeper_airfest2015/h5CA76E4F#h5ca76e4f

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