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Super Bowl LVII flyover with all-female crews

Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl LVII flyover
The Navy will be celebrating 50 years of women in naval aviation with all-female crews.
Author: Judd Slivka
Published: 8:51 AM MST February 8, 2023

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Super Bowl flyover is always, always loud. And it’s always pretty impressive since it combines fast, loud things the taxpayers have paid for.

What the flyover sometimes lacks is greater meaning. The demonstration at Super Bowl LVII has meaning. Several meanings, in fact. The Navy will be showing its three current combat aircraft. And they’ll be staffed by all-female crews, celebrating 50 years of women in Naval aviation.

Here’s what you need to know:

What kind of planes will be in the flyover?
The F/A-18F — Officially known as the Super Hornet but more affectionately known as “The Rhino” because of the sturdy way it’s built and for a rhino-horn-looking thing on the plane’s nose.

The Boeing F/A-18F is the two-seat version of the Navy’s most-used fighter and attack aircraft. The pilot sits in the front seat and the Weapons Systems Officer — abbreviated as WSO and pronounced “Wizzo” — sits in the rear.

Fun fact: The two-seat version is sometimes referred to as “the family model” because of the two seats.

Where have I seen this before? The movie Top Gun: Maverick was filled with them.

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Story and video credit: 12 News; https://www.12news.com/article/sports/nfl/superbowl/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-super-bowl-lvii-flyover/75-1e089ecd-2fe0-4869-8f82-bd5d32e00690


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