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Richmond International Airport named Most Efficient Airport in North America

Aviation Source News, July 5, 2023, Len Varley

Richmond International Airport (RIC), VA has recently received a prestigious accolade, having been named as the Most Efficient Airport in North America.

The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) awarded RIC the title of the Most Efficient Airport in North America during their 26th World Conference held in Kobe, Japan, on July 2 2023.

A first for Richmond International
This notable recognition becomes Richmond’s first win from the esteemed ATRS, a highly regarded aviation research society known for its comprehensive analysis and evaluation of airports worldwide.

Perry J. Miller, A.A.E., I.A.P, the President and CEO of RIC, expressed his elation over the airport’s achievement: “We are thrilled to win this award, and we could not have done it without our fantastic team.”

“As an economic engine for our region for nearly a century, generating approximately $2.1 billion in economic impact annually, our commitment to delivering an extraordinary travel experience is unwavering. RIC and the Greater Richmond region have so much to offer, and we want the world to know it.”

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Story credit: Aviation Source News; https://aviationsourcenews.com/airport/richmond-international-airport-named-most-efficient-airport-in-north-america/


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