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Optimum Technologies brings spacecraft facility to Virginia

Optimum Technologies unveils innovative spacecraft facility in Northern Virginia

by Brad Bartz • Space Daily
Los Angeles CA (SPX)

Optimum Technologies, LLC, a vanguard in offering advanced space solutions, has unveiled its cutting-edge spacecraft integration facility in Northern Virginia. A substantial augmentation in the company’s infrastructure, the newly minted facility is positioned to boost Optimum’s growing influence in the space sector, bolstering their ability to serve up groundbreaking solutions for their clientele.
The Sterling, VA-based facility, sited on Carpenter Dr, will operate as the primary integration and testing hub for Optimum’s space systems. Furnished with a high-tech 5,700 sq ft cleanroom, bonded storage, software development labs, and a machine shop, the new setup offers its customers cost-effective and high-quality solutions for their mission objectives.

Jeff Gick, CEO and Co-Founder of Optimum Technologies, conveyed the company’s enthusiasm about the latest addition to their infrastructure. “This new facility signifies a pivotal investment in the forthcoming prospects of our company and embodies our resolve to provide the finest space solutions for our customers,” Gick explained. “With this new facility, we are favorably equipped to accommodate the escalating demand for our services within the space sector.”

The strategic placement of the new facility in proximity to Dulles International Airport and major highways ensures seamless accessibility for customers, suppliers, and partners. Furthermore, it’s poised to generate employment opportunities in the area, with plans to expand the company’s roster of engineers and technicians in the coming years.

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Story credit: Space Daily

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