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Norwegian Aviation History Association Gets Boeing 737 Classic For Christmas

What A Gift: Norwegian Aviation History Association Gets A Boeing 737 Classic For Christmas

A Norwegian aviation technology developer has donated its 737-200 test aircraft to a local aviation history non-profit.

While it may have come unwrapped, the aviation technology company Avinxt’s gift of a 737-200 classic will spread joy to the Eastern Warbirds of Norway (EWON) flying association, and young learners curious about aviation around Geiteryggen Airport (SKE) in Norway for years to come. The company donated the vintage airliner to the historical aircraft association during the holiday, so the aircraft could be shared with those in an interest in aviation, according to reports in local media.

The donated 737-200 (ZS-EVE) originally entered service with Lufthansa in 1981 before being transferred to Ryanair. In 2002, ZS-EVE overran a runway at Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL). The aircraft would go on to fly for a number of airlines in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and South Africa. ZS-EVE first arrived at SKE in 2018, where Avinxt would use it to test robots it was developing inside a large hangar complex built at the airport.

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