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NASA & Boeing develop lower-emissions aircraft

NASA, Boeing team up to develop lower-emissions aircraft
The Business Standard News

The US space agency NASA is teaming up with aviation giant Boeing to develop a next-generation commercial aircraft that emits less carbon.

NASA, whose purview also includes aeronautical research, will invest $425 million over seven years in the “Sustainable Flight Demonstrator” (SFD) project while Boeing and its partners will spend an estimated $725 million.

The goal is to produce future commercial airliners that are “more fuel efficient, with benefits to the environment, the commercial aviation industry, and to passengers worldwide,” NASA chief Bill Nelson said.

“If we are successful, we may see these technologies in planes that the public takes to the skies in the 2030s,” Nelson said in a statement on Wednesday.

The agreement calls for NASA and Boeing to build, test, and fly a full-scale single-aisle demonstrator aircraft.

“The technologies demonstrated and tested as part of the SFD program will inform future designs and could lead to breakthrough aerodynamics and fuel efficiency gains,” Boeing said.

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Story credit: The Business Standard News; https://www.tbsnews.net/science/nasa-boeing-team-develop-lower-emissions-aircraft-571074

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