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Mountain Empire Airport

Mountain Empire Airport yields more than $34,600 in tax revenue

The check was going to be for more than $17,300, half of all the annual taxes collected from Mountain Empire Airport.

As Smyth County officials prepared to send the check to their peers in Wythe County last month, Charlie Atkins, chair of Smyth’s board of supervisors, reflected on the Groseclose airport’s growing importance to area businesses and industries. Noting that some industries use the airport practically daily, Atkins said its amount of use is unbelievable.

Whether they’re flying in a replacement for a broken part or officials who want to visit a local operation, Atkins told his peer on the board, “We need to take care of the airport.”

Atkins also lauded current Smyth County Commissioner of the Revenue Jeff Richardson for visiting the airport on Jan. 1 and recording all the airplanes and helicopters there to tax their owners.

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Story credit: SWVAToday.com

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