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Letter to NN-MP VAHS Chapter, from Nancy Miller

Letter to NN-MP VAHS Chapter, from Nancy Miller, VAHS Board Member and NN-MP VAHS Chapter Programs Coordinator:

Hello All,

First, a reminder–if you have not already done so, please renew your

Annual Membership (due each year in January). The VAHS thanks you, in extra measure this year, for your support! 

  • Contact Info: VAHS office–to arrange your Renewal, an Honorary Donation, or a Gift Membership using your credit card (and to inquire about special pricing if the membership may fall in the “Student” category) Call 540-376-3265 or go online: vahsonline@gmail.com

And a Special Offer, Exclusively for NN-MP Chapter Members:

Thanks to Chapter Members Jody and Cliff Nelson, we have a group of Aviation History DVDs (produced by the Air Force Association) to lend, FREE of charge! Simply contact me, via email (nancy.miller99x@gmail.com) and provide the following info:

  1. Your name and your complete USPS Mailing Address
  2. Subject of the DVD (chosen from the list below)

I will pay the media rate postage to send; when you return the DVD, you simply pay the media rate at the USPS–and send the DVD back to me at the return address on the package (Nancy Miller, PO Box 62, Mathews, VA 23109). That modest return mailing cost will be your ONLY expense. At this time we are not imposing a time limit on the check-out period, but 30 days would be a reasonable guide.

Subjects available:

John Glenn & Chuck Horner
Chuck Yeager & Gabby Gabreski
Jimmy Doolittle & Jimmy Stewart
Billy Mitchell & Hap Arnold
Joe Foss & Tommy McGuire
Benjamin Davis & Bernard Schriever
Curtis Lemay & Russ Dougherty
Battle History USAF–Wings Across the World
Battle History USAF–Over the Jungles, Over the Sands
Battle History USAF–Struggling Into the Air
Secret Superpower Aircraft–Bombers
Secret Superpower Aircraft–Spy Planes
Mig Alley
B-2 Stealth Bomber
Air War in Vietnam
Igor Sikorsky & Glenn Curtiss

Please take advantage of this special offer–especially while we are waiting for the time when we can return to our regular meeting format. In the meantime, stay well and stay safe. AND–

Thank you for your support!


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