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Laser-Optical Thrust and Emissions Measurement for Gas Turbines

Pratt & Whitney and Virginia Tech Pioneer Laser-Optical Thrust and Emissions Measurement for Gas Turbines

CISION PR Newswire via Raytheon Technologies
19 Jun, 2023

PARIS AIR SHOW — Pratt & Whitney and Virginia Tech today announced a pioneering new technology for calculating thrust using lasers to enable high fidelity measurement of key gas turbine engine parameters including velocity, temperature, and density. Known as Filtered Rayleigh Scattering for Thrust measurement (FRST), this new optical instrumentation technique offers significant advantages compared to traditional sensors and probes, which will support the development of more efficient engine core technologies and could enable the measurement of non-CO2 particulate emissions in flight.

“The ability to use lasers and optical sensors represents a major step forward in engine instrumentation technology and is testament to the longstanding collaboration within the Pratt & Whitney Center of Excellence at Virginia Tech,” said Geoff Hunt, senior vice president, engineering and technology, Pratt & Whitney. “FRST provides a less intrusive and more cost-effective method for measuring a range of engine metrics. We see exciting potential for FRST to help advance gas turbine propulsion technologies, particularly involving smaller and more thermally efficient engine cores, which are key to our next generation military and sustainable commercial engines.”

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