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Has Amelia Earhart’s Plane Been Found?

Has Amelia Earhart’s Plane Just Been Found In The Ocean?

Explorers with Deep Sea Vision are believed to have found the wreckage using sonar imagery.

Recently collected sonar imagery of the Southern Pacific Ocean has created speculation that one of aviation’s most searched-for missing aircraft, the Lockheed Electra 10E flown by Amelia Earhart, has been found. The imagery, collected by South Carolina-based exploration company Deep Sea Vision, shows what appears to be the shape and size of the airplane on the bottom of the ocean floor.

The sonar image is the result of reflections from soundwaves emitted from a probe dragged deep in the ocean from a surface ship. Reflections can be generated by any object at the bottom of the ocean, and it is possible that the object discovered is simply a formation of rocks. Tony Romeo, Deep Sea Vision’s founder, told local media in South Carolina that he believes the reflections could be the aircraft. However, Deep Sea Visions was not able to respond to Simple Flying’s inquiry.

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Aviation icon Amelia Earhart disappeared after departing Lae Airfield in Papua New Guinea on the morning of July 2nd for Howland Island. Click here, to read full story.

Story credit: Simple Flying, by Andrew Crider

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