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From the Workshop of the Military Aviation Museum

The Military Aviation Museum is offering a new “From the Workshop” Newsletter. Read below to find out more or to sign up for this newsletter:

The Restoration Blog itself is regularly updated with news about our projects here at the Museum (and those in work around the world), with From the Workshop making sure that you never miss a beat. The in-depth information, straight from the staff working on the aircraft, is supported by illustration and analysis provided by our curatorial team, creating a platform where our supporters can enjoy the intersection of technology, craftsmanship and history.

These longer form pieces allow us to cover what we simply can’t on today’s social media platforms. Whether it is detailed histories of the aircraft in our collection, a look at their military records and logbooks, veterans recollections, or just a chance to see how a restoration is really carried out.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy assembling the updates!

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Credit: The Military Aviation Museum

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