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Flying Companion Manual

by Bob Prange
EAA Chapter 186 Stick & Rudder April 2022 Newsletter

Many general aviation pilots are familiar with the products available at Pilot Workshops. They offer hard-copy study manuals for refresher training maintaining proficiency and operating various avionics equipment as well as a variety of on-line workshops and study materials to keep a general aviation pilot sharp. Pilot Workshops is currently offering their Flying Companion manual for just a $7.50 shipping charge. This is a durable glossy 65- page spiral bound manual which is designed to help your flying companion learn a few things they can help you with. This is not a “Pinch Hitter” course where a non-pilot learns to safely guide the aircraft to a runway in the event of pilot incapacitation, although that is a highly recommended course for the non-pilot companion. This is instead a collection of tasks that your flying companion can learn so they will understand better what you are doing and why. There are many tasks your companion can help you with which will keep them occupied and more involved with the flight. This manual explains fueling and preflight procedures, traffic patterns, tuning radios, scanning for traffic, finding the airport, finding frequencies and much more without a lot of pilot technical talk mumbo-jumbo.

Last year at the Beech Aero Club annual meeting we held a class for the non-pilot companions/ spouses/partners/friends that came with our members. We used the Pilot Workshops Flying Companion manual as the basis for this class with great success.

To order, go to https://pilotworkshop.com/products/flying-companion-free/. Quantities may be limited so hurry before they start charging for this manual. Once again, the only cost is $7.50 for shipping.

Story credit: EAA Chapter 186 Stick & Rudder April 2022 Newsletter

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