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Epic Aircraft E1000 GX

We Fly: Epic Aircraft E1000 GX
A full-power turbine experience that sips fuel while it flies fast.

By Julie Boatman, Flying Magazine
May 5, 2023

In order to prepare for the departure from an airport in a congested metro area, a pilot must have a plan, a way to feel as though they are orchestrating events as opposed to pushing the throttle forward and hanging on for the ride.

That’s even more important when the Epic E1000 GX you’re strapped into accelerates down the runway pulled by 1,200 jet-A-propelled horses and five blades cutting through the gummy Seattle air.

As we taxi out to the departure end of Runway 16 at the Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT), I check in with Epic Aircraft demo pilot Tony Paradis to assess if, by his countenance, he appears ready to engage his plan. I feel pretty good about mine, but it has been 15 years since I last flew an Epic—and that was an experimental LT version, crafted under the company’s factory-assist-build program in early 2007.

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Story credit: Flying Magazine; https://www.flyingmag.com/we-fly-epic-aircraft-e1000-gx-2/

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