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Norfolk International Airport will soon have its own dog park now that a 15-year-old Scout has set his sights on building one as part of his Eagle Scout award. The new park will replace the former pet relief spot that wasn’t well defined or enclosed.

Scout Emmett Moorhouse said, “Hopefully it’ll make it easier for the dogs and the people.”

Emmett, whose father is a pilot, says he enjoys all things aviation and pets. He reached out to the airport inquiring whether it had a project he could take on. After meeting with Jeff Bass, director of facilities, Emmett had a plan.

Bass said, “The big part of an Eagle Scout project is that the eagle candidate has to be able to demonstrate leadership on a project that will benefit the public. He’s got to rally the troops; make sure everybody is there; and have all the materials for them so they can go to work.”

Deputy Executive Director of Norfolk Airport Authority Steve Sterling believes this project will be a good fit for the airport and its patrons.

“Mr. Bass has a great amount of experience in design and construction as well as with Scout leadership and is very familiar with the Eagle Scout program,” said Sterling. “So, we feel that with him leading the effort, we can ensure the integrity of the Eagle Scout program while providing the level of support to ensure the project is a success.”

Emmett’s plan is to have a fenced area with mulch, located just outside the departure area. The dog park project will begin in about a month – once construction for a waterline is completed.

Emmett will use funds he’s collected for yard work he’s performed in his neighborhood along with money he raises through a Go Fund Me account to pay for the project.

Story credit: Virginia Department of Aviation, https://doav.virginia.gov/calendar-and-news/news/2021-march/dog-park-coming-to-norfolk-international/

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