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The Virginia Department of Aviation traveled to Lakeland, Florida to exhibit at the 49th annual Sun ‘N Fun Aerospace Expo March 28-April 2. A team of seven DOAV staff members promoted aviation in Virginia and encouraged attendees to visit the Commonwealth and its 65 public-use airports.

Thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts from around the world descended on Lakeland’s Linder Airport for Sun ‘N Fun, a week-long celebration of all things flight related. The Sun ‘N Fun Aerospace Expo has become the second largest of its kind in the United States, surpassed only by Oshkosh Wisconsin’s Air-Venture annual fly-in.

DOAV staff answered questions from visitors about Virginia’s air transportation system and what improvements are being made at local airports. In addition, guests were able to pick up several items at the DOAV trailer. Promotional giveaways included the 2023-24 Virginia aviation calendar, aeronautical charts, Virginia tourism guides, luggage tags, stickers, aviation coloring books, pencils and airplane erasers.

The expo boasted approximately 500 exhibitors and drew in over 200,000 visitors. Guests enjoyed a variety of exhibits, demonstrations and special events, including a daily airshow. Each show was unique and featured everything from experimental and historic warbirds to military aircraft.

The US Navy’s Blue Angels were a fan favorite at the event with the six jets performing a series of aerobatic maneuvers only inches apart. Another crowd favorite was the F-35A and F-35 B Lightning II fighters, the newest and most high-tech operational fighter jets in the US.

In addition to the impressive air shows, exhibits and displays, Sun ‘N Fun also had a plethora of educational and professional development opportunities. Attendees had the chance to attend several on-site seminars and workshops. The expo also featured a range of flight simulators and hands-on flight experiences.

The Sun ‘N Fun Aerospace Expo was a memorable experience for aviation enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Whether an experienced pilot or simply a fan of all things flight related, there was something for everyone at Sun ‘N Fun.

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Story credit: The Virginia Department of Aviation; https://doav.virginia.gov/calendar-and-news/news/2023-january/doav-travels-to-sun-n-fun-aerospace-expo/

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