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Commercial airport expansion coming to Manassas

Manassas votes to approve commercial airport expansion
By Morgan Sweeney | The Center Square Jul 25, 2023

(The Center Square) — Northern Virginia is a step closer to adding another commercial airport after the Manassas City Council voted unanimously to expand flights to Manassas Regional Airport after negotiations with airport management company Avports and a public hearing with area residents.

Some citizens expressed disapproval of the proposal because of anticipated noise pollution and increased traffic, so the council postponed making a decision until last night.

The city council, comprised of the vice mayor and five other members, determined the economic and travel benefits to the city outweighed concerns about noise disturbances, pointing out that the commercial flights to be added in the first phase of the airport renovations are inconsequential compared to the number of flights the airport already handles daily.

The largest of Virginia’s 57 general aviation airports, MRA currently sees approximately 110,000 “operations” – or takeoffs and landings – each year.

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