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Chuck Yeager Postage Stamp Campaign Underway

This week, we report on efforts to put aviation legend Chuck Yeager on U.S. postage stamps, and celebrate the women who caretake and fly vintage airplanes. We look back at NASA’s unique Bell X-14 and its role in aviation history, and also celebrate the life and career of the first female Golden Knight, Cheryl Stearns. We bring you career reflections of Neal Willford of Cessna Aircraft Company, and get insights into the work of a Colorado aviation real estate firm. We wrap up this week’s edition with a look back at Embraer’s Phenom 300E’s golden anniversary.

If you would like to see the aviation legend known as the fastest man alive stamped on your letters, here’s what you can do.

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Story credit: Flying Magazine; https://www.flyingmag.com/campaign-underway-to-get-gen-chuck-yeager-on-a-postage-stamp/

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