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Call for Pilots and Ground Crew!

Call for Pilots and Ground Crew!
We are seeking volunteers, both pilots and ground crew, to support our Young Eagles Rally on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at the Manassas Regional Airport (KHEF). We have 30 Young Eagles registered, and several on the waiting list, but we cannot succeed without additional help.

If you are planning to volunteer, it’s vital that you signup now so that we can plan accordingly. If you have already signed up, thank you. If you can help, go to this link yeday.org.

How to volunteer for a Young Eagles rally: The first thing a ground support crew member, pilot, or coordinator must do is visit the new EAA YE website to register as a volunteer.

1. Go to yeday.org, or YoungEaglesDay.org
2. Click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the top banner
3. Fill out the requested information and submit.

Note for pilots: If you select Young Eagle Pilot, an additional drop down menu will appear, which includes aircraft information (N number and type). For pilots who fly more than one aircraft, use the N number of one of the aircraft you will fly. This information can be updated at each rally. Useful load is optional. Pilots will also see the standard EAA legal waiver for review.

If you have more than one role, you can check all that apply. An EAA number is only required for pilots and coordinators.

4. Once you submit the form, the information you provided is checked against EAA’s records, and you will receive an email saying you are signed up.
5. Login to the website using the email address and password you provided when you signed up. Login is to the right of Sign Up in the dark blue banner.
6. Once logged in, at the lower part of the dark blue banner, click where it lists Your Name – Profile, and you will see all the information you previously provided.

At the top of the profile page, in the light blue banner, you can change your email or password. You will also see your EAA membership, Youth Protection Background Check, and Youth Protection Training information.

For pilots, your profile page will include a green banner which provides a unique website link for registering YEs online, outside of our normal rallies.

Once you are registered, we can then email you an invitation to participate at the next Young Eagles rally. This is a request which you can accept or decline. If you accept, then we will know to contact you in case of any postponements, cancellations or changes. This also allows us to know how many pilot or ground volunteers to plan on.

Confused? If you click on videos at the top of the website home page you will find a short video explaining the process titled “How To Sign-up. Once you are signed up and logged in, additional videos are available to you showing how to use all the site’s features. Or contact Sande or Bob our EAA 186 Young Eagle Coordinators with any questions.

Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane. It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation. Today, more than 2 million young people have enjoyed a free introductory flight through the Young Eagles program.

Thanks for all you do for our Young Eagles!

Sande Miller-Long

Bob Prange

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