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Blue Angels host thrill-seeking influencers

Blue Angels host thrill-seeking influencers: ‘Most fantastic thing I’ve ever done’

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Naval Air Station Oceana will host the 2023 Air Show this weekend, Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17.

However, on Wednesday, the Blue Angels gave the flight of a lifetime to two women who are showing their strength in career fields that have traditionally been male-dominated. The Navy calls them ‘key influencers.’

M.I.T. engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host, Emily Calandrelli, suited up as well as Virginia Beach Fire Department Deputy Chief Amy Valdez.

“It’s actually a really smooth ride. I only passed out once,” exclaimed Valdez shortly after finishing her flight.

Valdez says she’s all about new opportunities and educating youth.

“You can do anything nowadays, and it’s an amazing opportunity that there’s not a job, there’s not a field you can’t get into,” said Valdez. “Anybody who’s interested in doing something physical and doing something to help others – you know, the Navy’s a great option, fire department – there’s no limits.”

This year’s theme is ‘50 Years of Women in Naval Aviation.’

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Story credit: WTKR, Virginia Beach

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