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National Aerobatics Day was celebrated June 26 this year and DOAV PR and Education Specialist Kim Wells went to the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (HWY) to photograph the festivities and talk aviation with the general public. HWY has an aerobatic box along with local aerobatic pilots like RJ Gritter and Scott Francis who were in attendance with their aircraft. International Aerobatic Club (IAC) members were in attendance to help inspire a new generation of aviators, and covered the cost of the BBQ truck that provided free food to the attendees.

“National Aerobatics Day is the perfect day to host an aerobatic camp, a BBQ, a practice session, or to share videos of aerobatic activity online,” said Jim Bourke, President of the International Aerobatics Club. “With over 40 chapters nationwide and two international chapters, IAC members organize these types of activities and others each year to engage the public and general aviation pilots in aerobatics.”

The event highlights the dedicated pilots who fly these precision maneuvers as well as the support teams and volunteers that make it possible. Attendees got a first-hand look at the variety of sport aircraft and were able to talk to the pilots, airport manager and staff to learn more about aviation and aerobatics.

Aerobatics were originally developed as evasive maneuvers during World War I, and is a proven discipline that builds confidence and improves pilot proficiency. The loops and rolls are examples of precision flying at its finest.

Story credit: Virginia Department of Aviation

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