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AT-6A TEXAN “NELLA” – Photo of the Day

This AT-6, affectionately referred to as ‘Nella, reflecting the WASP mascot Fifinella, was flown by the WASP in training classes from mid 1943 until the WASP were disbanded in December 1944. She was also the final check ride plane for some WASP to receive their silver wings. Three identified WASP Cadets flew this very aircraft while training. Today she is the responsibility of the WASP Squadron. She will be touring as part of the Air Power History Tour, giving rides to as many original WASP as possible. To date she has provided seven flights, and proudly holds their signatures in her luggage compartment. She also proudly displays her banners, telling her story to interested students.

Base: WASP Squadron, Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, TX

Website: https://cafwaspsquadron.org/

Story credit and photo credit: https://commemorativeairforce.org/units/78

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