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Airport with no instrument landing responsible for Nepal crash

Nepal crash: Airport had no instrument landing system
Posted 1/20/2023

NEW DELHI — The newly opened airport in Nepal where a Yeti Airlines plane was attempting to land when it crashed over the weekend, killing all 72 on board, did not have a functioning instrument landing system that guides planes to the runway, an official said Thursday. Aviation safety experts said it reflects the Himalayan country’s poor air safety record, although the cause of the accident has not been determined.
Jagannath Niroula, a spokesperson for Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority, said Pokhara International Airport’s instrument landing system will not be working until Feb. 26 — 56 days after the airport began operations on Jan. 1.

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Story credit: WRAL; https://www.wral.com/nepal-crash-airport-had-no-instrument-landing-system/20678915/

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