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Air Cargo In 2023

Air Cargo In 2023: The Most Important News Stories Of The Year

2023 was a year of major headlines for the air cargo industry as freight forwarders and cargo airlines struggled to find a new balance.

The past 12 months have been transformative for the air cargo industry. For the most part, the industry felt the constraints of the new normal after the pandemic; the whirlwind years of high demand had subsided as belly capacity on passenger flights returned. However, as the industry reached this new normal, there were quite a few headlines that shaped air cargo in 2023.

Goodbye to the Queen
The biggest news for air cargo in 2023 was actually a momentous occasion for the aviation industry on the whole, and it happened at the start of the year when Atlas Air received the last-ever production 747-8F. The aircraft, with registration N863GT and serial number 67150, became the last that Boeing would produce of the legendary aircraft type. The delivery ceremony included tributes to the 747’s designer Joe Sutter and was celebrated as a high-water moment for the aviation industry.

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