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5,000 Pilots Falsify Medical Records

5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.
By Lisa Rein and Craig Whitlock, Washington Post

Federal authorities have been investigating nearly 5,000 pilots suspected of falsifying their medical records to conceal that they were receiving benefits for mental health disorders and other serious conditions that could make them unfit to fly, documents and interviews show.

The pilots under scrutiny are military veterans who told the Federal Aviation Administration that they are healthy enough to fly, yet failed to report — as required by law — that they were also collecting veterans benefits for disabilities that could bar them from the cockpit.

Veterans Affairs investigators discovered the inconsistencies more than two years ago by cross-checking federal databases, but the FAA has kept many details of the case a secret from the public.

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Story credit: The Washington Post (Aug. 27, 2023)

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Federal officials are investigating nearly 5,000 pilots who are suspected of falsifying their medical records in order to hide conditions that could prevent them from flying. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tovme6Vo_E)

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