Virginia Aviation History Project

Virginia Aviation History Project

THE COCKPIT WEATHER DATA LINK Pilot Weather Advisor – How It Came To Be; by Norman Crabill – Aero Space Consultants,  January 2020

Aviation Pioneer, Fred E. Weick by Norm Crabill, March 2019

The Wright Flyer Flies Again At Kitty Hawk by Norm Crabill, April 2004

When World War II Came to Richmond by Mark Sternheimer

When Langley Bombed Fort Eustis by Linda Burdette, April 2005

Vikings Conquered Mysteries of Mars, by Jim Hodges, reprint Daily Press, October 2006

VCU Engineering Schools Win Awards With an Electric Powered Helicopter by Mark Sternheimer, October 2007

VAM’s Tin Goose Flies Again by Linda Burdette, January 2009

Virginia Tech Airport Civilian Pilot Training Program by Linda Burdette, October 2006

The Wright Brothers’ Historic Flying Demonstration at Fort Myers by Linda Burdette, July 2008

The Weatherman & The Millionaire by David Laskin – reprint Weatherwise Magazine, October 2005

The Remarkable History of the First College Flight School  by B.J. Pryor, April 2005

Ray Tyson and Jack Pettigrew’s Idiotic Odyssey by Ray Tyson, January 2006

The NACA Wallops Experience: 1945-1950 by Norm Crabill, January 2009

The Freeman Family by Peter Bacque, reprint Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 2007

Ford Trimotor: An Aviation Legend by Linda Burdette, January 2009

The Fighter Factory by Linda Burdette, January 2007

The Behemoth of Wind-Tunnels published in Popular Aviation Magazine September 1936, January 2010

The Attacks on Japan in 1945 by Linda Burdette, July 2007

The Beginning of the End by Bob Bigelow, July 2007

Testing the First Supersonic Aircraft by W.G. Williams, April 2007

Sputnik Turns 50 by Linda Burdette, October 2007

South Norfolk Airport by Norm Crabill, Scott Gross, and A.M. “Steve” Stevens, October 2004

Sara Parmenter by Linda Burdette, October 2009

Samuel Langley: Aviation Pioneer by Linda Burdette, April 2009

Rogallo Had A Dream by Sharon Dillon, July 2005

Richmond’s First Airplane Dealer by Mark Sternheimer

Richmond Fairgrounds by Linda Burdette, July 2005

Remembering 9/11 by Linda Burdette, January 2009

Postwar Dream Comes Back by Paul Muse, reprinted Freelance Star 3/17/1956, April 2005

Phil Brown by Sharon Dillon, January 2006

Memories of Gloucester Airport, Part I by Linda Grow, January 2005

Memories of Gloucester Airport, Part II by Bill Corbett, January 2005

Lighting the Night for Virginia Airways by Linda Burdette, April 2008

The Light Planes Have A Mission by W.T. Piper, reprinted Sportsman Pilot Magazine, January 2008

JGG – A 35 Year History by Sharon Dillon, October 2005

Gloucester Airport W-57 by David Grow, January 2005

From The Mountains To The Sea by William Davenport, April 2008

From a Grass Runway to a Busy Modern Enterprise reprint Winchester Star, July 2008

Fighter Command by Linda Burdette, April 2007

Fairchild F-24 G “Deluxe”: Pilot Report by Tom Woodburn, April 2006

Charlie Kulp: A Man Born After His Time by Linda Burdette, January 2006

Buz Helps Others Fly by Sharon Dillon, reprint 9/8/2004 Sussex-Surry Dispatch, January 2005

Big Fellow by Beirne Lay, Jr., reprint The Sportsman Pilot 9/15/1938, April 2006

Battle of Britain by Lou Divone, October 2004

Aviation In The Spanish Civil War and WWII On The Eastern Front by Lou Divone, July 2004

Ann Tunner: A Life Well Lived by Linda Burdette, January 2010

American Airways Ford Trimotor Transports FDR by Baird Wonsey and Marguerite Wonsey, July 2006

A Life in Three Elements Excerpt from RADM DeWitt Freeman’s book, January 2007

A Legend Never Dies by Linda Burdette, July 2006

A Flying Car at VCU? by Michael Mercier, January 2009

75 Years of Rolling on the Grass! by Linda Burdette, October 2008

X-43: Mach 7 and Beyond by Charles McClinton, July 2004

The NASA F53 by Norm Crabill and Ron Smith, April 2010

Jim Hall: From Cubs to Mosquitos to NACA to NASA by Norm Crabill, April 2010

Flying Aces & Squeek Burnette excerpt from the book “You Betcha Baby!, The Legend of Aviator Vincent “Squeek” Burnette by David Fortuna & Evelyn (Mrs. Squeek) Burnette, July 2010

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night by Linda Burdette, October 2010

Morton W. Lester by Jack Cox and Morton Lester, reprint Vintage Airplane Magazine, January 2011, April 2011

The Crash of Flight 201/8 by Linda Burdette, January 2011

International Civil Aeronautics Conference of 1928 by Linda Burdette, July 2011

A Place Called Langley Field by Jody Cook, October 2011

The Jamestown Exposition by Linda Burdette, January 2012

MIG Alley by Dale Christensen, January 2012

A Story of Two Vultees by Linda Burdette, July 2012

Return to the Skies by Ralph Berrier, reprint The Roanoke Times, October 2012

An Airplane for the Antarctic by Linda Burdette, October 2012

Boeing – The China and Richmond Connection by Mark Sternheimer, October 2012

A Whale of a History: Dirigibles in Virginia by Linda Burdette, January 2013

The Cuban Adventure of Alvin LeFleur by Linda Burdette, April 2013

A Hero Among Heroes: Virginia’s Shorty Manch by Linda Burdette, July 2013

Incredible Flight of 95 Charlie by Alvin LeFleur, October 2013

Kit Foxes to Alaska – Part I by John King, January 2014

Kit Foxes to Alaska – Part II by John King, April 2014

Arthur Seder by Linda Burdette, July 2014

In the Belly of a Whale by Mark Sternheimer, January 2015

Back to Basics by Chris Drewer, reprinted, January 2015

The Lafayette Escadrille by Linda Burdette, April 2015

A Cannon That Could Listen by Mark Sternheimer, April 2015

Jesse Lee Boland: The One and Only Master X by Linda Burdette, October 2014

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