• January



Williamsburg-Jamestown Chapter Reactivation Meeting


OK..the date is set, the programs arranged and it is time for the rubber to hit the road. If you want the chapter restored you will have to show up and indicate that you are ready to return to the VAHS as a member.

The format of the Saturday, January 13th gathering is as follows;

10:00-11:00 Tim McSwain will present an FAA safety lecture pointed at pilots but open to you if you’d like to hear the proceedings

11:00-12:00 Tim will speak briefly about opening the chapter and I will follow with a presentation of the “Development of the US Assault Glider 1942-1948”.

Tim plans to offer 30 copies of the VAHS magazine, The Eagle, to stimulate your interest and might have an enrollment form inside.

At lunch the other day I think Tim proposed that he would by the lunch for the first 10 folks who renewed their membership but you might have to wait until the meeting before that offer is firmly established.

If he does, I will buy the lunch for the following 10 folks (11-20) who choose to re-enroll.

Bill Schultz

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