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Warrenton-NOVA Chapter meeting notes from 2/24/2024

The Warrenton- NOVA Chapter of VAHS held its monthly meeting on Saturday, 24 February 2024, 1130- 1400. Mr. Francois Koing was our guest speaker. Francois is a former member of the South African Air Force, an Antarctic explorer, and aviation engineer with over twenty years experience. During the meeting he presented a most informative and exciting visual presentation covering air operations in Antarctica in support of the South African base station and scientific outpost.

There were twenty VAHS members, friends and family in attendance. All enjoyed a pizza, salad and cold drink lunch as they watched Francois’ presentation. During the follow- on question period VAHS folks learned more details about flying in the Antarctica, the types of equipment used throughout the South African Air Force, and learned that ” a Barbecue” is a line waiting to get into the barbershop! ( in South Africa BBQs are referred to as ” Fries”).

Written by: Frank Wickersham, WAR Chapter President

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