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VAHS Warrenton – NOVA Chapter Meeting Held March 18, 2023

On a splendid Saturday morning the VAHS Warrenton-NOVA Chapter mustered forth at the terminal conference room, Warrenton- Fauquier Airport. The gathering commenced at noon sharp.

First, on tap was a round of self-introductions by the 20 aviation aficionados there gathered. All each and everyone was special, but a few must be recognized for their long service to community, country, and aviation. First, Mrs. Judy Sparks was on scene. Judy is highly regarded for her years of service with both VAHS and EAA.

With Judy was Mrs. Libby Haynes and her daughter Betsy Coffey. Miss Libby began flying about 1942 and some say she was just ” 3 or 4 years of age” at the time ! Miss Betsy kept her mother’s secret claiming she was herself born into an aviation family but cannot remember the early details!

Miss Sarah Patten was present. Sarah is an experience FAA air controller and a leader of “Women Can Fly” at KHWY.

Mrs. Camellia Blackwell- Taffel, a prominent University of Maryland professor, joined with Miss Becky Rush and Mrs. Maggie Wickersham — both Australians — to round out the better half of the Chapter.

The remainder of the group ” were just guys.”

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