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VAHS Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula Chapter Meeting April 20, 2023 – ALL WELCOME


In February 1989, a commercial airline Boeing 707 crashed into the highest peak of a mountain in the Azores Mountain Range, killing 144 people on board. VAHS member Tom Duke, former Independent Air (Atlantia Skylarks) Boeing 707 Captain, will be showing a TV movie about the Azores Mountain crash. Tom Duke had flown the airplane involved into Bergamo, Italy where the replacement crew departed with 144 people on board headed for the Dominican Republic with a fueling stop in Santa Maria Island. It was the Captain’s first European flight in command and the First Officer’s 10th day flying the B-707. The movie explains the circumstances which led up to the crash and shows how the accident investigators figured out what went wrong. Retired airline pilots are invited and encouraged to attend the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society (VAHS) luncheon at 1130 at the Hummel Field Airport, Pilot House Restaurant in Topping Virginia on April 20th.


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