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VAHS NNMP Chapter – November Meeting Program

Join us on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 11:30 am, at the Pilot House Restaurant, Hummel Airport, in Topping, Virginia, as we welcome Carl Freeman, Aerospace Engineer.

A lifetime fascination with flight and space travel, supplemented by Aerospace Engineering degrees from N.C. State University and George Washington University, led to Carl’s work in NASA Langley’s wind tunnels and several Apollo Program projects. Then, U.S. Navy civil service work on Trident Missile controls, followed by work as a test engineer for rotorcraft aerodynamics in the V/STOL Wind Tunnel at the Langley Research Center. In 1982 Carl started an industrial controls company, Camus, Inc. Now retired, Carl will share anecdotes from his aeronautical career, seasoned with his unique and witty perspective.

Join us for a presentation that will illuminate an intriguing life and career, and provide a glimpse into the activities of a historically important research facility based right here in Virginia.

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