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Update on Society Business from the Chairman

Update on Society business.
for VAHS newsletter Winter 2021-2022

First in line is the wonderful response to two requests I made to our Board of Directors. Our vice president Ron Gatewood has agreed to chair a membership study committee that will look at all aspects of our membership programs, renewal and recruiting process and the Society programs. This is a very important area as a solid membership base is critical to the Society’s future. In addition to membership I requested a Board member to chair the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame committee formerly held by Dave Young who has stepped down after a number of years of outstanding work. I am pleased to announce that Rich Anderson will take over the committee chair and guide our future Hall of Fame efforts.

Please join me in thanking Ron and Rich for taking on these two very important tasks.

Finally, the Society is in the early stages of digitizing our business records and this effort will eventually include our archives of historic papers and photographs. Our archives have been extensively used in the past and by digitizing our collection into a searchable data base it will become more useful to researchers. A few more housekeeping items are in the works and we will make these changes known on our website and in the Virginia Eagles newsletter.

Thanks for your support, “Over and Out”.
Tom Woodburn

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