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NN-MP VAHS Chapter Meetings Pausing

Annual Membership Dues for 2022 Due Now

Hello All,

We hope this email finds you well. To keep our members, guests and speakers safe we are pausing the NN-MP Chapter’s Monthly meetings during the current pandemic surge. We expect the surge to be brief and will send you just one single monthly notice, each month, so there will be no confusion about whether the meeting will be held and when we will celebrate a restart.

Your support and attendance have been deeply appreciated–YOU brought us record numbers for our October and November 2021 meetings after we began to build back in July of 2021. You have proven that we can do this again, after the current surge abates, and we will. Plans for an exciting roster of speakers and topics are already underway–attendees and members make all this work worthwhile. Thank you!

Please find the current Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society (VAHS) Membership form (click here). All memberships are due in January of each year; so, if you renewed yours late in 2021 it should be recorded in effect for the year starting now, that is, January 2022. I support the VAHS at the Sustaining Member level, and encourage you to do the same, as the Society works hard to build back from these challenging times. But, ALL levels are important and appreciated. *Be sure that our NN-MP Chapter shows on your form in the space provided*. [If you are unable to open the attachment PLEASE CONTACT Sue Baker at (540) 376-3265, or vahsonline@gmail.com.]

Your membership dues are vitally important–*they help to make our Chapter’s monthly presentations possible*, along with other activities like the annual VAHS Hall of Fame which recognizes Virginia aeronautical achievers, and the annual VAHS scholarship program supporting the young students that will fuel our future aeronautical advances.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Nancy L. Miller, VAHS Board Member & NN-MP VAHS Chapter Member
George A. Galo, NN-MP Chapter liaison


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