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Mr. Norman Crabill Visits Hall of Fame

On February 17, Ray Gill, VAHS Vice President, met with Mr. Norman Crabill at Shannon Airport. Mr. Crabill was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008 and was largely responsible for the display of the 1946 Ercoupe now housed at the Shannon Air Museum. That Ercoupe belonged to Charlie Drummond was the last model flown by its inventor, Fred Weick. Mr. Crabill very generously donated to the VAHS a copy of Mr. Weick’s autobiography “From the Ground Up”.

HOF Member Ray Tyson (1998) poses with Norm Crabill (2008)

Hall of Fame Member Norm Crabill visits Shannon Air Museum

VP of VAHS Ray Gill & Norm Crabill share memories of a bygone era.

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