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Headquarters Chatter – Fall 2020

Hello friends! Don’t you just love this time of year? As a native Virginia boy who has lived in multiple states and countries, I must say – I LOVE VIRGINIA! If you are reading this from somewhere else, I offer you my condolences. I am sure the place you live has its share of benefits, but for me, there is just no place like Virginia! Mountains, rolling hills and great beaches. We have it all!

It is in the spring and fall that I feel like Virginia just likes to “show off” a little bit. They are my favorite times of year in one of my favorite places on earth. I hope you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery where you live. Lately, many of us have tended to lock the doors, pull the shades and watch the news. My advice? Turn off the news and go take a walk! Take your mask if you MUST, but breathe some fresh air and see the sites! Enjoy this season. It will be cold and you’ll WANT to stay inside soon enough!

Things are happening with VAHS in these interesting days…

I was in my office at Shannon Airport last week and was “interrupted” by a guest who stopped in to see us. I’m not always there, but I’m really glad I was able to be there that day to meet him. I think we’ll gain a valuable new member and a potential Hall of Fame member in the future, as a result of that visit. It was a good time and a reminder that we are still “out there and active” as a Society!

Think of a way you might be able to serve the Society right where you are. We are only as strong as our member base. Thanks for being a part of that strong foundation for our activities!

As I write this, we are continuing to receive donations of papers, artifacts and other items of interest to the Society and the broader aviation community. We are contemplating how to best catalogue these resources and how to make them available – as appropriate – to researchers and aviation enthusiasts. We are also considering how to continue our core activities while we honor our core values in pursuit of our vision. (See below)

Fiscal Responsibility and Strategic Priorities

Last issue, we talked about “Do the Right Thing!” We are continuing to work on plans to help us “do the right thing” for VAHS. We’re working on some options for financial stability and have already taken some steps that will build towards a healthier future.

The Board has been working hard to try to keep on track even during this Pandemic. All in-person activities have been postponed, but I am confident that we’ll be able to shift gears and see a lot more progress on our goals in the near future. We look forward to forging ahead on a few of the “next right things” we need to do to pursue the vision that defines our future:

Our Vision: “We will be the premiere association respected for inspirational programs in preservation, education and appreciation of Virginia air and space history for current and future generations.”

So fasten your seat belt, lean in and help us focus on our future. Invite your friends to join and share the vision. Bring some friends to the Shannon Air Museum and walk through the Hall of Fame with them. (The museum is now open for tours in groups of up to 5 people at a time.) You’ll be helping to enhance the future of VAHS, and bring our Commonwealth’s Aviation Hall of Fame to the minds of more people!

Remember — It’s through the generous support of our members that our important projects are made possible. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society!

Greg Fletcher, President VAHS

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