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Headquarter Chatter – Greg Fletcher, President – Summer 2021

Greg Fletcher, new President of the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society.Hello, friend! As I write this, I have a feeling that we are coming back to some sense of “normal” and I’m happy to see it. We’ve held two meetings of the VAHS Board in-person with a virtual option, I’ve visited at least one chapter meeting and planning to visit another next month. I feel like we’re getting back on our feet and able to begin functioning more effectively!

The last time I wrote to you, I talked about practicing emergency procedures. We’ve practiced our emergency procedures but had little chance to practice the primary duty: “First, fly the aircraft!” In our last Board meeting, we set some things in motion to ensure that we keep our primary activities on track and running. We selected 3 new members to the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame and set matters in motion to have the Induction Ceremony in person. Watch for details and please plan to join us!

Last week, I visited one of our chapters. We did a creative thinking exercise. They, like most of our chapters, need to think about recruiting, and how things might need to be adjusted to be more attractive to a wider audience. VAHS has lots of people with a TON of experience in aviation and knowledge to share. Some would say, “That is our problem. We’re all old people and nobody wants to hear our stories!” NONSENSE!! – we just need to find people who are interested in the history who would LOVE the stories. Then we need to make sure we package the experience in an accessible model that will bring both together.

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One “financial drain” on VAHS is the production, printing and mailing of the Virginia Eagles newsletter. A number of people have suggested that they would be happy to receive the Newsletter by email, and save the Association the cost of printing and mailing their newsletter. It is a “little” thing that makes a “big” difference! If you’d be willing to receive your newsletter by e-mail, please call or write to Sue at the office and let her know.

As always, I remind you…we are only as strong as our member base! YOU are a greatest resource! Lean in with us and let’s do this!

Think about it. Are there ways you might be able to serve the Society right where you are? Together, let’s look to new possibilities in 2021!! Reach out if you have a skill you’d like to leverage for the good of the Society. We’ll help you process that idea.

Our Vision: “We will be the premiere association respected for inspirational programs in preservation, education and appreciation of Virginia air and space history for current and future generations.”

As we focus more on “Flying the Aircraft”, please remember – It is the generous support of our members that sustains our existence. Please consider making a tax-deductible sustaining gift to the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society today! It will make a difference!

Story “Virginia Eagles” Newsletter, Summer 2021

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