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A letter from the President: Winter 2021-2022

Happy New Year! I know…I’m a little late, but this is my first greeting since the New Year for most of you. I hope you are experiencing a great start to 2022. For most of us, the year started with a bang! We have had more snow and ice in the first month of 2022 than we usually have in any full winter! Here’s to Spring coming soon!

So, what is “new” in your new year? For me, there is a new job in the mix. I accepted the offer to become the campus manager of Shannon Airport at the end of the year. January 3rd was my first day on the job. Do you remember what happened on January 3rd? We got about FOURTEEN inches of snow at Shannon that day and I started the role with a unique introduction to the challenges of managing the airport. Thankfully, I’m getting a handle on the role and we’re moving forward! I would consider no more snow this winter to be a great gift!

My role with the VAHS coupled with the role at Shannon Airport has been a benefit to the Society. I have been able to work closely with several members of the board to enhance our communication, progress and sense of identity at Shannon. We’ve worked on plans and taken action to enhance the storage of our archives and artifacts for better access and preservation for future generations of members and friends. We feel we are in a good place that positions us for a more stable and productive future! This has been an ongoing topic of discussion and we are pleased to be making significant progress!

If you have any desire to be involved in the cataloging and protection of our valuable archives, we’d love to hear from you and discover how we can partner in the process.

The Hall of Fame edition of our Virginia Eagles newsletter was our first internet posting featured on the society website in December, replacing the mailed hard copy. We do have printed copies for those who do not use the internet, but this process has cut our cost for printing and mailing by 75%. It is a “little” thing that makes a “big” difference! If you would rather receive your newsletter by mail, please call the office or write to us and let us know.

As always, I remind you…we are only as strong as our member base! YOU are our greatest resource! Lean in with us and let’s do this together! Think about it. Are there ways you might be able to serve the Society right where you are? Together, let’s look to new possibilities in 2022! Reach out if you have a skill you’d like to leverage for the good of the Society. We’ll help you process that idea.

Our Vision: “We will be the premiere association respected for inspirational programs in preservation, education and appreciation of Virginia air and space history for current and future generations.”

Please remember – It is the generous support of our members that sustains our existence. When you renew your membership for 2022, sign up as a sustaining member and consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society today! It will make a difference!

Letter from VAHS newsletter Winter 2021-2022

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