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VAHS members took a tour of The Wright Experience


Some VAHS members took a tour of The Wright Experience located near Warrenton, Virginia. Monday, February 25, 2019

From attendees of The Wright Experience tour:

“I’d vote this an experience not to be missed. We learned anyone with  a feel for airplanes, history and the art of meticulous reconstruction
will be delighted here.”

“The group of us today were hosted by founder – and builder of the 1903 replica which was used to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Brothers’ first Kitty Hawk flight – Ken Hyde. Ken and his team near Warrenton have made a world-recognized specialty out of reconstructing Wright gliders, Wright flyers and engines used in the original designs.”

“The Wright Experience (www.wrightexperience.com) tour also touches on the many hundreds of man hours of detective work needed to track down and complete these faithful reconstructions. It’s not easy because – fascinatingly – the secretive Wrights published very little data on
what they were up to.”

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget our aeronautical past. But this trip will put anyone back in touch with it – while being filled with admiration for the sheer craftsmanship on display in the workshops.”

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