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The VAHS Spring Edition of the Virginia Eagles Newsletter

Please accept our extreme apologies. The Spring newsletter was mailed out from Fredericksburg post office on April 3rd, 2020. I, among many others, still have not received it.

The post office and printer are researching to see why. So we’ve decided to share this quarter’s newsletter. Please click here to view the entire newsletter as a pdf. If you have any problems, contact Sue at headquarters.

The VAHS Spring Edition of the Virginia Eagles (click for your online copy)

The spring edition is full of great stories and information including Headquarters Chatter by Chairman Dave Young as well as our new page introducing the amazing docents at the Shannon Air Museum. Nancy Miller has included the Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula (NN-MP) VAHS Chapter Quarterly Report 2020 which is so informative in telling us what’s been going on in the Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula Chapter so far this year. Tim McSwain shares, Great Flying Stories, about the Gates Flying Circus. Bill Rhode told this story of Roy Ahearn and the Gates Flying Circus many years ago, and “no living man’s memory runneth to the contrary”, we share it here without confirmation. Mark Sternheimer contributed an amazing story, When War World II Came to Richmond. It’s a wonderfully written memory of his father and the amazing planes used during the war.

And as you might have noticed we have a new website. The site has a new design, new features, and new content. We hope you like what you see! If you have any contributions or stories you’d like to share, feel free to contact Sue with your ideas!

If anyone was planning on using the Hall of Fame nomination form inside the newsletter, you are welcome to still do so.

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Nomination forms (available online) were in the edition and due in the office by April 10th. Please, if you planned to send in a nomination, do so by express mail (I would suggest Fed-Ex at this point). We will accept all entries until the end of the week, April 18th. 

Have a safe and healthy week.

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