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The 7th annual Shannon Airport Harvest Festival attracted large crowds for a unique Trick or Treat experience Saturday, October 30.

The event brought in families with kids of all ages dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes to explore aviation themed vendors and the Shannon Air Museum. The big draw for many was the annual Candy Drop where an airplane flew overhead and released a load of candy onto a field beside the runway. Once the all clear was given, the youngsters sprinted to retrieve the sweets and fill their baskets.

“When we first got here we thought about what we could do for the kids to make it a memorable experience,” Airport Owner Luke Curtas said. “It’s a great venue for kids to actually be safe and have the plane drop the candy and hold them back and then let them go.”

The festival featured several different vendors, including JAARS Aviation, the Flying Circus and the Commemorative Air Force offering rides in their aircraft or helicopters. Many children also had their first experience sitting in an actual airplane and getting a feel for what it’s like being in front of flight controls.

The Shannon Air Museum offered an educational experience for all to learn about aviation history while encouraging future generations of aviation professionals. Funds raised from the event will be used to expand the museum and hopefully make it more interactive and hands on with kids.

“It’s really exciting,” Airport Assistant Executive Director Kristen Curtas said. “A lot of planning and help from staff and volunteers went into this event. It’s really good to see a big turnout. We really just hope to spark an interest in young kids, teens and adults. We are very thankful for all of the people who have helped put it on.”

DOAV PR and Education Coordinator Kim Wells and PR and Education Specialist David Halstead were on hand at the festival to educate crowds about aviation and careers in the field. Wells and Halstead talked with attendees and handed out information about scholarships, the Aviation art contest, calendars and other giveaways.

Overall, it was a fun Halloween themed experience for all to enjoy and get a little taste of the exciting opportunities available in aviation.

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Story credit: Virginia Dept. of Aviation; https://doav.virginia.gov/calendar-and-news/news/2021-september/shannon-harvest-festival-gives-crowds-a-taste-of-aviation/

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