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National Air and Space Museum Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Franklin Chang Díaz ©National Air and Space Museum

Franklin Chang Díaz became NASA’s first Hispanic astronaut when he was selected in 1980. He has logged seven spaceflights and more than 1,500 hours in space, including 19 hours during spacewalks. Photo ©National Air and Space Museum

In the past month the National Air and Space Museum celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). Explore new content on early Mexican aviators, a unique hub page on our website, an artists’ perspective of the early days of the Space Age, and learn about the United States’ first Hispanic astronaut.

Early Mexican Pilots
The Salinas were the first of a group of Mexican pilots sent to the US to study aviation. Photographs and correspondence found in the Archives provide a glimpse into the early history of Mexican aviation. Discover More.

Explore el Museo
This month, the Museum launched its first content-hub in another language. The page features a round-up of many other accessible content available en Español. Explore más artefactos e historias de la aviación y el espacio.

Art by Raquel Forner
For Argentinian-born artist Raquel Forner, the subject of space exploration was a compelling way to explore the dueling senses of loss and hope that characterized her long life. Explore some of the earliest paintings of the Space Age in this new blog.

Story credit: National Air and Space Museum Digital Discoveries Newsletter

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