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Mexicans in World War II

America’s Ally Of The Air

In the face of Germany’s casus belli in 1942, when Nazi submarines sank Mexico’s oil tankers and killed her merchant sailors in the Atlantic, Mexico declared war on the Axis Powers. The Mexico United States Defense Commission marked a monumental alliance under the aegis of Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Manuel Avila-Camacho. Never before in Mexico’s history had this republic ever fought on foreign soil. In 1944, her government sent the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force to the United States to train under the U.S. Army Air Force.

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Published Dispatch, the Official Magazine of the Commemorative Air Force Aztec Eagles
by Cynthia Buchanan • (Originally published in Air Power History, Summer 2021, Volume 68, Number 3. Republished with permission.)

Story Credit: CAF News On The Fly

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