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Luscombe’s engine fails on takeoff


This is an excerpt from a report made to the Aviation Safety Reporting System. The narrative is written by the pilot, rather than FAA or NTSB officials. To maintain anonymity, many details, such as aircraft model or airport, are often scrubbed from the reports.

Just after liftoff from a touch and go, my Luscombe 8E’s engine failed with a loud squealing noise.

I lowered the nose and easily landed on the remaining runway.

There was no sign of fire. I accomplished the shutdown procedures and got out of the plane.

I visually checked the pattern and did not see any traffic, nor did I hear any on the CTAF the last two times around the pattern.

I pushed the plane about 50 feet to the next taxiway and got it clear of the runway.

What I forgot to do was make any announcements on the CTAF after my engine failed. If it was busy, I am pretty sure I would have made a call that I had landed again and would be occupying the runway for a few minutes, and then another call to say I was clear.

Even so, I should have made those calls in case there was some traffic I was not aware of.

Primary Problem: Aircraft

Story credit: General Aviation News; https://generalaviationnews.com/2021/10/28/luscombes-engine-fails-on-takeoff/

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