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In The News 2018 – 2018 Annual Fundraiser

In The News 2018
2018 Annual Fundraiser

We thank everyone who participated in our 2017 Annual Fundraiser. We all reflect on the VAHS mission and the projects we are undertaking. Our focus is the preservation of aviation history and the support of aviation in Virginia. To accomplish this, we have many excellent ongoing ventures – the Reed I. West Aviation History video project, the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame, the Capt. Earle Worley Scholarship, our publishing program, and the newsletter – to name only a few, with so many other endeavors planned for the near future. We were mighty close to reaching our goal last year and are excited for the year ahead in our new “home” on Shannon Airport Campus.

Please keep the VAHS in mind this year. Our goal for 2018 is $20,000. We need to all get together to make this happen. Remember, your generous donation is tax-deductible. We very much appreciate your continued support and generosity.

VAHS Fundraising goal for 2018: $20,000!!!

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