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Free Aviation Training

As many as 5,000 aviation industry workers (as well as those who want to be) will be able to take online training courses for free from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as part of its efforts to help the industry through the COVID-19 crisis.

Those already working in the industry—or those who wish to become a part of the aviation or related industries–can select one from six of IATA’s most popular e-learning courses to strengthen their industry knowledge and skills:

Aviation Competition Law
Destination Geography
Travel Agency Fees: A Professional Approach
Accounting and Financial Management for Travel Agencies
Geography in Travel Planning
Distribution and Airline Retailing

‘’Aviation will make it through the COVID-19 crisis,” said Stéphanie Siouffi, IATA’s director of training. “That’s because, as with past crises, the many great people of this industry will pull together to face the challenges head-on. In a salute to the women and men of this industry, IATA is making a small contribution to support the sector’s recovery with free training. These are tough times but we wanted to see the opportunity of the future, and what better way than through learning,” she said.

Courses will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis for 5,000 online training opportunities. Applications must be received before April 27.

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